Monday, June 15, 2009

Melodious Monday - I Won an Award!!

Ruthie at RoseWorksJewelry sent me a comment yesterday saying she had given me an award and I must say I am incredibly delighted. Her jewelry and blog are fantastic and I highly recommend you check her out, and treat yourself to one of her many gorgeous creations, guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks.
Now, what is this award, you ask? Maybe you didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway, since I'm bursting a few buttons from smiling so much :)
This is the Premio Meme Award and I need to tell you 7 things about myself. I'm not very good at this so I'll give it a try:
1. I'm 26 and disabled with Fibromyalgia (okay, okay, you knew that already)
2. I used to compete in horseback riding and was trying to be a professional show jumper (before the money ran out, LOL - not being rich in that sport is a definite drawback). I still want to get back into riding though, it was the best time of my life :)
3. I am addicted to books. Period. I have to keep buying new bookshelves because I fill up the ones I have so quickly, despite trying (unsuccessfully) to give away or sell my older books that I no longer read every year (yes, I read my books over and over and over...I like them, okay??)!
4. Hubby tries to keep me away from because of #3...he's not always successful though ;-)
5. I love people commenting on my blog or Etsy store - it really does make my day.
6. I do actually cry a little bit from happiness at every sale I make; the fact that someone chose me out of all the other thousands of jewelry artists for their needs is the best feeling I can possibly have. I know, it is cheesy but true. I'm trying to embrace my 'softie' side!
7. I love gardening - even the weeding! It might be difficult when I get so sore, but there is nothing better than pulling a bunch of weeds to rid you of frustrations, and make you feel like you really accomplished something when you look at that small patch of weedless soil. Plus, I feel like the flowers and veggies thank me afterwards with their wonderful blooms and produce :)

Now I need to pass this on to 7 people, so here goes:
1. Louise from Fireseed - she never ceases to amaze and inspire me with her lamp work glass creations
2. Barry from An Explorer's View of Life - he is fighting the battle of his life and still maintains his humor and witty writing style.
3. Audrey at Stage 3 Who Me? - smart, capable and strong, she is also quite artistic and you'll love her.
4. Renee at Circling My Head - the strongest woman I know, and a blessing to all who read her blog.
5. Daisy and Harley at Daisy the Curly Cat - they always make me smile, and quite often laugh out loud at their outfits, expressions and antics.
6. Kathryn, Dobby, Franklin and Tasha at Mishkat - creative, funny and positive, there is always something to smile at or learn, or both. Despite not selling her art quilts, Kathryn is very talented and artistic
7. Sonia at the Dark Raven's Nest - starting to come out of her shell artistically, she is witty, funny and very creative. Always fun to read and be inspired.
Well that's all for now folks, tune in tomorrow for a new pair of earrings in my NeoAmour Collection!!


  1. Meghann, congratulations on your award! You are so deserving, and I am so happy that we have found each others sites, and can visit back and forth. You constantly inspire me, and I am in awe of your work.
    Next up, thank you SO much for passing it on to me! I love and adore awards, and everything that they represent. I will post it tomorrow along with my thoughts! Thanks again lovely Meghann!

  2. Congratulations on your award! And thank you so much for thinking of Harley and me, too. It makes me happy that we can make you smile.

  3. Hi Meghann!
    Congrats on this unique award!
    I'm totally with you on #3 - we're looking for new bookcases too :)

  4. Meghann thank you for the award.

    You and I are twins as far as books go.

    I read one recently that I really liked 'The History of Love'. Check it out.

    Love to you on this sunny day.


  5. Congratulations on your award. Your site is very nce and the jewelry is beautiful!

  6. Congratulations, and thank you! We really appreciate the award.

    That is so cool that you were a show jumper! I barely know how to ride, but I am addicted to books too - and I also read them over and over. We have so many bookshelves!

    Oh, and I decided a long time ago I didn't feel like making my personal artwork to sell (it's a long story!) The only artwork I have sold is technical illustration.

  7. Thank you all! And congratulations to the new winners, you deserve it!!

  8. Congratulations on your award Meghann! You certainly deserve it! Those are very interesting facts about you - especially that you were a professional show jumper! I have a "softie" side too and have been told I was "too sensitive" but now I've embraced it and wouldn't want to be any other way!

  9. Meg - your so very welcome! :) And thank you for your kind words and telling your readers to visit my shop!

  10. Thank you! I should correct though, that I wasn't professional when I stopped riding - I did show quite a bit, but I was trying to go pro when I ran out of money (and hurt my knees, but that's another story). I wish I had been able to be a professional, but it is hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Yikes!



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