Thursday, June 11, 2009

Giant Bead Giveaway at Silver Parrot Blog!

Silver Parrot Blog is giving away a GINORMOUS box of beads! All sorts of gorgeous fixin's for beautiful jewelry designs are up for grabs in this box, and though I really, REALLY want to win this (my bead budget is at 0$ until I make some mega sales), I will post this for all of you to try and win too! The deadline is tomorrow so hurry! Here's an excerpt from the blog:
"Okay, so the contest ends on Friday, June 12th, and so far, I've been a little
disappointed in the level of interest (no offense to those of you who HAVE been nice
enough to cross-post on your blogs). I was just hoping to generate a little more action.
So, I thought maybe what was missing was some concrete evidence of what a LARGE
pile of beads this is and what a great opportunity it will be for someone."

Now, if I win this, I plan on making some pieces to sell to raise serious money for charity so if I win, I'll keep you posted!

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