Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sweet Saturday - Another Award!

DazzledBeader, maker of some great jewelry on Etsy, gave me this award yesterday and I thought I'd share it! I have received this award before, but I sort of copped out and didn't list anyone to give it to, so now I will :)
1 Loopy 4 Ewe
2 Wisp of Whimsy
3 Gandalf and Grayson
4 Mishkat
5 marniekat's musings

These are all wonderful blogs and I encourage you to check them out :)

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  1. Meghann--
    Thanks for the award! My first!

  2. Congrats. Thanks so much for adding my friend Stef and her cat Roxy to your prayer list. She just lost her grammie a month ago :(

  3. Thank you, I'm glad I could help Stef - my heart goes out to her :(

  4. Congratulations - and thank you so much!

    P.S. I am so behind at posting awards, but I hope to get to them in July :)!



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