Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Elizabeth 1 Tudor Rose Bracelet

Tuesday is here and as promised, here is the newest installment of my NeoAmour collection! This bracelet is based on Elizabeth 1, daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn (yes, that Anne Boleyn). She came to the throne after her half sister Mary (AKA Bloody Mary, daughter of King Henry VIII and Catharine of Spain) died, with no money, very little in the way of military defense, half the country (as Catholics) hating her, and the rest of the world wanting to invade her country or marry her to make it easier to rule her country.
By the end of her reign (known as the "Golden Age"), she had never married, by choice, defended herself and her country against numerous attacks, and had brought her country from near poverty to a time of incredible prosperity. This was one woman with no equal and it is in her memory that I made this.
~click the image above to go to a larger version~

I made this bracelet over a period of 2 days, taking a little over 8 hours to make. I based the colors on the Tudor Rose, a symbol of her family's house. It is about 1/2 inch wide, perfect for dressing up or down. I used black Czech glass seed beads for the base, green Czech glass seed beads for the small leaves, and Japanese glass seed beads for the rose - a gold center surrounded by an opalescent white with a red border.
I tapered the ends and then made a custom sterling silver "S" clasp, attaching a safety chain for extra security.
I like this bracelet so much that I am keeping this one, but I will be listing a custom version for sale in my Etsy store, so that you will be able to get it in the perfect length for you! Please do stop by and have a look at all of the wonderful pieces available, and any feedback would be most welcome :)

Thanks for visiting today, be sure to enter my free earring giveaway here and please keep checking back for more jewelry, particularly on Tuesdays for new pieces from my NeoAmour Collection.
Have a happy Tuesday,


  1. This is beautiful! Is it bead-weaving? (Pardon my ignorance if it's not :)!)

  2. Another gorgeous creation Meghann! Can't say I blame you for keeping it (I would have done the same :o) Just gorgeous girl!!

  3. Gorgeous Meghann! I can see why you're keeping it!

  4. You are not ignorant Mishkat, this is beadweaving, all by hand, each and every teeny little bead is sewn into the next one and knotted securely. Thus the approximate 8 hour labor :)
    Great eye!
    Thanks Jen and Beaded, I am keeping it as it is better to make them a custom size for each person wearing it - this one turned out quite large and I'm going to have to figure out how to shorten it for myself, lol!

  5. What an incredible woman and great queen Elizabeth I was. Thanks for your nice words and this beautiful tribute for her. Lovely bracelet. Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Have a great week :)



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