Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Arwednesdays With Arwen the Wonder Dog

Mommy and Daddy went to Daddy's parents up in Huntsville, Ontario (Muskoka) for the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. They are back now, but when they go, I get to go to the kennel! It is great there - I get my own room, my own run, and six times per day I get to run around in the big yard!
Here I am, ready to go to the kennel. I have my seat belt on, my cute face is in place, I am sitting on my blanket, and the bag in front of me is filled with toys, treats and food for me. This is the seat belt mommy got for me in the summer when she was looking for boots for me. We still need to get me boots, but at least I am safe in the car with this!
Here is a boring shot of the lands that mommy and daddy saw. She wanted to show you all the leaves and how they change color in Ontario. This was taken in Wilno, a teeny town about 2 hours from home.
And Whew! I am back at home. I had so much fun, but honestly, I am worn out! Mommy washed all my toys and blankets for me as soon as we got home, so now I can have a great big snooze with my toys while we wait for our new couches. See you soon!

and Arwen


  1. Arwen, I am glad you enjoyed your time at the kennel. It sounds almost like going to a spa!

  2. just love that photo of Arwen and her seal!!! that is just so sweet Megahnn. (the couch looks very comfy :)

  3. You look so cute all buckled up there in your seat belt Arwen. Always great to be back home though isn't it!

  4. Go Arwen the wonder dog! Can he help me take over the world?

  5. Arwen, it sounds like you had a fun time at the kennel while your mommy and daddy were gone! You are just so precious laying on your seal! Be sure to break in the new couches when they arrive!

  6. We've had to take our dog to the "sitters" too, she is always so happy to see us! She's used to having 160 acres to run on, not 2.
    Love the picture of the trees!! We went from +30C to freezing at night in only 9 days, so the leaves just never changed color. They are green and falling off the trees. I feel ripped off!



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