Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Cooking Class Success and Award

I am happy to say that my first ever cooking class was a terrific success! Partnered with RHN Melody Busuttil, in conjunction with Nature's Way Select Foods in Kemptville, and hosted at the Kemptville college, we had over 12 students and a fabulous time.

This past class was all about Quinoa (keen-wah) and many delicious and gluten free recipes were made (and eaten!). More classes are on the way, thank you to everyone who came out, I hope you will come to the next ones!
Also, Audrey from Audrey's Country Crafts gave me this award! This award focuses on friendship, and Audrey certainly deserves it as well. Please check out her blog to see her shop, as well as all of the fabulous artists she features each week.
I am passing this on to anyone who reads this blog - you all deserve it! Also, I don't want to single people out, as I give out awards to many people and don't want to over do it :-)

Arwen wishes me to thank everyone for their overwhelming responses to yesterday's post - she would blush if she could from all of your praise, and I certainly did over your liking the bracelet I am working on. Thank you!

Until tomorrow,
and Arwen


  1. Your welcome for the award! Great way to pass it on - will have to remember that for the next one I get! LOL

  2. Im working from home now Meghann...I can post to your blog once again...sorry for the MIA...


  3. Very interesting to read all about your tools of the trade!! fascinating indeed!
    and I loved Arwen eye smiling and testing your new couches.
    the quinoa sounds interesting - always wondered about that 'stuff'!

  4. I'm glad you have fun with your cooking class :)

  5. Congratulations on your award and for the cooking show! I'd love to learn more about quinoa - it's something I've wanted to try but didn't know what to do with it.



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