Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sweet Saturday: A Few of My Favorites

We were thinking of Christmas shopping last night (or seasonal shopping if you want to be politically correct) and, or course, we thought of Etsy! Here are a few of our favorites from some of our favorite Etsy Sellers. Click on the image to go to their stores.

The top is luscious lip balm from Lathers by Linds. She makes beautiful soaps and lip balms that I can actually use! Some of her products don't contain soy, and many are vegan as well. Good for you and the environment!

Getcha Tail . . . Getcha Tail

The second item is a beautiful sculpture by Endless Whimsy. She does the most adorable cat and dog sculptures from polymer clay. I've ordered from her a few times and I am always very impressed with her service and the quality.

Arwen and I both love the painting, above, of kissing dogs by Cat Be Nimbus on Etsy. Bright, cheerful, and friendly, this is what being with dogs should be all about!

With winter comes colder weather (at least here anyway!), and sometimes even the furriest dogs need a little help against winter's chill. This dog jacket is from Akyramoto on Etsy. I think Arwen would make this look fabulous (she agrees). It would also keep her warm, and protect her fur against any salt on the roads.

We hope you enjoyed our favorites, have a great Saturday!
and Arwen


  1. That little coat is adorable! Coffee bean lip balm sounds wonderful...Mom's going to go check it out.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Great finds! I hope to do all of my Christmas shopping on Etsy this year too :)

  3. Those would all make wonderful presents! That dog jacket is really nice and paired with boots, Arwen could walk all year round!

  4. OOOO! I am addicted to lip balm! And COFFEE BEAN?! Woohoo!!

  5. Wonderful finds. Have a great Christmas shopping :)

  6. That coffee bean lip balm sounds like it would smell yummy!



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