Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arwendnesdays: Lending a Helping Paw

Hello, Arwen the Wonder Dog here again to show you how I'm helping mommy with her jewelry. She has been really sick lately with her Fibromyalgia and that means I need to be extra cute and helpful. My mom says that she is very, very sorry to have not posted for a few days, but that we are back and we are going to try to post every day again. Don't worry, mom is okay, she is just very sore and her muscles go into spasms, making it hard to do anything other than hold a book or sleep. Still, as mommy says, today is a new day and she says we are going to work on her latest beading project!

Here are the things I helped her gather this morning:
-Beading kit (tray with beading mat, scissors, needle, beading thread, beads, instructions)
-Moisturizer for dry hands (I always try and lick it off mommy's hands, but she doesn't let me!)
-LOTS of movies to stay entertained
-Healthy snacks and drinks
-Laptop and phone to stay in touch
-Binder of projects and to-do lists to keep organized
-Comfy blanket to stay warm
In truth, I only watched as mommy got all of these things, but I did the most important part: I kept the blankets nice and warm, and smiled at mommy when she was ready to sit down.

When you do your art or a craft, what preparation do you do? Do you gather any special items?

Have a great Arwendnesday!!
and Arwen


  1. Arwen, you are so nice to help your mom! I am sure you give her a lot of emotional support too. I hope she feels better soon- and please tell her not to worry about blogging!

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  3. Arwen you really are a wonder dog, helping your mom the way you do. Make sure you tell her that I hope she is feeling better!

  4. What a helpful dog you are, Arwen! I hope your mom feels better soon!

  5. You are so helpful Arwen! We're sure that you help your mommy feel better too just by seeing your cute face! Does she bead with that stuff on her lap or does she bend over on that table? Our mommy is old so that would hurt her back. She keeps her beading stuff on the dining room table so we can't reach it. At least not when she's looking.

  6. what a lovely supportive dog you are Arwen! please tell Meghann not to worry about posting often - getting better is much more important :)



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