Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday's Treasures: My Healing Quilt is Here!!

~Working in My Office With the Healing Quilt~

Back in the spring, my mom and I went to her Quilter's Guild's Quilt Show in Ottawa, Ontario. We had a great time, I was amazed by all of the art (my mom's included), and saw some really neat vendors. I found my mom's birthday presents of a really neat book on quilting landscapes and some special fabric paper she needed, and she found my birthday present of an 'Easy' quilt kit. I liked the fabrics, plus, I figured that as it said 'easy', it would be easier for my mom to fit it into her already busy quilting schedule. We were only about 6 months early for our birthdays, but it was great! Fast forward through the summer, and my mom found the quilt kit's instructions to be fairly backward, it didn't include the borders or backing, and despite the fact that my mom is an advanced quilter, it was making her life tough (sorry Monna!!).
~Cuddling on the Couch With the Healing Quilt~

However, it is now finished, and I LOVE it!! It was made with so much love and kindness and is sooo comfy and warm. It has come just at the right time as well - the heat is now on full time in our house, and we just got less than 1/2 tank of furnace oil....for $324!! Needless to say, with prices like that the heat will be a little lower in our house this winter, and I will be curled up under my healing quilt, nice and cozy, and happy that I am surrounded (quite literally) in love. I have now discovered that I need to bring it with me everywhere in the house, as nearly the second I put it down....
~Usurped! Arwen Takes the Quilt~

...Arwen or Brennan takes it!! Here I got up to get a glass of water, and, sure enough, Arwen (with the seal if you notice) has usurped the quilt. At least it is easy to get it away from her - when Brennan takes it, he can hold on to it!! Not that I blame them...something made with this much love is hard to ignore (my dad even helped draw the hearts that my mom quilted)!

Thank you Monna and Daddoo, I LOVE my healing quilt!

I hope you all have a great day, see you tomorrow!


  1. There is nothing more special than something made with such love. Enjoy your quilt. Its now a piece of your heart.

  2. It's so nice of Arwen to keep keep it warm for you!!

  3. Franni, that is beautiful, it is a piece of all of our hearts, how astute!!
    M2bC, yeah, warm and taken! :)

  4. You and Arwen will have to cozy up with the quilt on those cold nights! I think it is so sweet that your Mom made something for you that can be kept in the family for a long time. Enjoy!

  5. What a great gift! You'll treasure it forever! I can see why Arwen wants you to share with her :)

  6. awwww....Thats so sweet....

    xoxoxo S

  7. What pretty colors! I think something made with love will keep you extra warm inside.

  8. That's a great birthday gift! I love handmade quilts, to bad the instructions were lacking, but it turned out great!

  9. What a beautiful and very special gift! It's nice that the whole family enjoys it too! :D Arwen is so sweet laying on it with her seal and the photo of the two of you is too cute!

  10. That is one special quilt! A treasure to keep and love!



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