Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday: A Few Changes

First, Arwen and I would like to thank everyone for their very kind comments yesterday and Arwen wants to reiterate that yes, she does looooove deer, as was evidenced by her frenzied barking this morning as two massive does crossed the road in front of our house. When asked what she'd do with them if she ever caught up with them, she said that she would try to play with them, doing her little bows and body wags (when the tail wags the dog, so to speak), and then try to lick them. Thank you to everyone who reads these blogs, and I hope we can continue to keep you all entertained :)

In an effort to streamline things, I have decided to make a few changes to the blogs. Entrecard is really becoming a pain, trying to make it more difficult to earn credits, and trying to keep paid advertisers on top of dropper ads paid for by credits. Therefore I am getting rid of Entrecard ads from my blogs, and will be using only Project Wonderful to accept ads. I will try to drop on my favorites, and possibly advertise through Entrecard until my credits run out, but I will not accept ads from them anymore.

This allows me to rearrange the items on the sidebars, giving my Project Wonderful advertisers more visibility. You can see the long bar on the left hand side is for Project Wonderful ads, so if you are interested in advertising here, please click on the bottom of the bar. Please do take a few minutes as well to click on the ads - you'll find some really delightful artists.

In the meantime, I am finishing up this month's newsletter, hopefully to be sent out today (have you signed up to be in on the inside scoop yet?). And Arwen is sleeping. Again.

Have a great day!
and Arwen


  1. I think Arwen's got a good idea with that nap :)

    And I don't blame you for getting rid of Entrecard. I never used it, but heard many were unhappy with their changes.

  2. I don't know anything about Entrecard, but that sounds like a huge hassle to me (I know very little about PW, but it seems far more straightforward!)

  3. We are subscribed to your feed, so we will still visit!



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