Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Madness - Pardon the Interruption....

Sorry for being absent today...I had a doctor's appointment as I believe one of the screws in my left knee is coming much fun! So I'll be off to have x-rays this week and we'll see from there...I hope to be back full force tomorrow!


  1. Oh that sounds painful. Hope they figure out what is going on so they can get you all fixed up! Take care!

  2. Oh No! That doesn't sound good at all :(
    Hope it turns out to be something that's easily fixed.

  3. Yeah, it hurts, but I will deal with it - look at it this way - now I HAVE to crochet :) Darn, I'll just have to go with it, since *sigh* crocheting is only my second favorite thing to do!



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