Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Migraine, Or, Excuses for Not Being Productive

~Small Cluster Comb~

~Large Simple Comb~

Okay, so my plans to be super-productive yesterday disappeared in a cloud of mini-migraine, topped off with bigger migraine today. Nausea, light sensitivity and blinding pain sort of slowed me down. I did, however, get these two combs done (they are sold, but I'll be making more don't worry), and boy, do I LOVE these!
I made the small comb with Swarovski crystal pearls in white, with a few small pearls in Rosaline on the top for added femininity. Over that is a layer of clear Czech glass fire polish beads for a touch of sparkle. It is about 1 inch in width, so it is perfect for a child, or just a touch of class in your perfect up do.
The large comb is made with a single, simple line of Swarovski pearls in white. Perfect for those who don't want too much.
Hope you like them, tune in tomorrow for a REALLY cool necklace, going to be listed on my Etsy Store tonight!


  1. Those combs are beautiful! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. How feminine they are - are they for the Wedding store?
    Hope today is better for you Meghann!

  3. Thank you for wishing me well, I appreciate it!
    They are for the wedding store, but they are so pretty, I am going to make some for my Etsy store as well. :)



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