Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday - Oh I Have Spring Fever!!!

~Yellow Crocus, Red Trillium, Purple Crocus~

~One of My Young Robins, Yellow Daffodil~

Oh I am in BIG need of spring - we've had warm weather interspersed with cold, snowy weather and I want spring to stop teasing me and get here already! I miss my flowers, I miss my big, fat bumble bees, my dragon flies, my butterflies and walking on my deck in the sunshine in bare feet and not freezing! I have such big plans (well, okay, maybe mediocre plans, as my budget will only allow mediocre spending!) and I really want to get out there and get my hands dirty with wonderful country dirt. I love that smell - fresh earth just after a good spring thaw....just inhale and ahhhhhhh! all your troubles are gone.....until you smell that other smell....ooh dear, I missed a few dog woggles during the winter.....okay, maybe I don't want that part of spring, but I will welcome the rest!! What are your plans for gardening this year? Balcony planters? Big country garden?? Small kitchen garden??? Photos of other people's gardens????


  1. Beautiful photos - I especially like the one of the trillium! We have some small flower/ornamental gardens around the house and I really enjoy working on them when I can. I have a lot of perennials and bulbs coming up right now, but hope to fit in some annuals later on, too.

  2. Lovely photos! I'm so ready for blue skies and sunshine! I have a garden project that I started last fall but the rains came before I could finish so I'm looking forward to completing it as soon as the weather allows!



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