Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Monday Monday - I Couldn't Think of a Fitting Alliteration for Monday

~Simple Headbands: on the Top with White Swarovski Pearls, on the Bottom with Czech Glass Fire Polish Beads~

~Simple Headband on the Top with Cream Swarovski Pearls, Flower Headband on the Bottom with White Swarovski Pearls~
Flower Headband with White Swarovski Pearls and Small Czech Glass Fire Polish Beads~

I'm Ba-aaack! Well after an unplanned three-day Blogger hiatus, I am back with some wonderful goodies to show you! Here are the tiaras that I custom made for a store near Toronto. I made the bases from scratch using thick silver plated wire, hammered it flat, and then tightly wrapped the bases with fine silver plated wire. I made loops on the ends of the bases so that bobby pins could be inserted through them to hold the tiaras in longer hair if desired. I then used more fine gauge silver wire to wrap the beads on the bases in different patterns. I used Swarovski crystal pearls and Czech glass fire polish beads in clear AB for great sparkle and subtle, yet pretty impact. These tiaras have great weight to them, without being too heavy. They are child-sized, but would work well in a 'mini tiara' look on an adults up do as well. I hope you like them!!
Also, I got my hand painted pendant from Gypsy Mare Studios this weekend - and oh my is it ever gorgeous! I can tell you, I'm not taking it off any time soon, Thank you so much Jennifer!~My Beautiful New Pendant!~


  1. These will be perfect for a spring wedding Meghann! They are lovely!
    I'm not a horsey person but your new pendant is gorgeous, the painting on it is wonderful, what a talented artist :o)

  2. Those tiaras are beautiful! And I love the pendant - amazing artwork.



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