Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Rethinking Genius

Click on the picture to go to the TED2009 Video of Elizabeth Gilbert. Also, the video is embedded at the bottom of this blog permanently and you can see it there :)

This video has seriously rocked my world. For so long I have been the stressed out, depressive artist that she is describing that it might take a bit to change my mindset, but with her advice, I can see the light....I can see that art can be fun and successful and inspirational....anyway, I can't describe it properly, if you have the time I HIGHLY recommend this video to anyone involved in creating anything (ok, so everyone should watch it!).
Tune in tomorrow for a (spoiler alert!) contest!!


  1. I'll definitely watch the video when I get to a computer that has the right software enabled - it sounds great.

    And many thanks for the comment on my blog - the input helps a lot.

  2. Great video. I've seen it before, but enjoyed it again. Ted Talks is great!
    I posted your blog link on my latest Thankful Thursday post. I found your blog through a twitter search. :)

  3. Oh my gosh! And I thought it was ME who couldn't make glass dogs! It's not my fault at all! :D
    Thanks for sharing Meghann, that was a very inspirational speech.



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