Monday, August 24, 2009

Creative Blocks: How to Cope

Much has been said on this subject before, and much will, I am sure, be said of it in the future, but I thought I would share a small selection of what I do when I get some form or another of creative block.

As an artist running your own business, it is important that you have some sort of new product on a regular basis to show your clients and this can be one cause of creative block: pressure. Never has one word had so many meanings and been so reviled! Pressure and other stresses can be a major cause of creative blocks and should at all times be put in perspective.

If you find you are suffering form a creative block, try and look at how you are feeling and why. Are you stressed due to finances? Are you stressed trying to plan a wedding? Are you scared that no one will like your work? Try and figure out what is bothering you...really bothering you. Look deep down and find that source of uneasiness. Sometimes your heart may be telling you that it just isn't into what you are doing. Perhaps you are bored with what you are doing or need a shake-up with your materials or methods.

Once you have found your particular type of stress, get rid of it! Are you strapped financially (who isn't)? Worrying about it won't help! Figure out a financial plan and then think positively about it. Then forget it! Whatever your stress, figure out a tentative positive solution or helper, and then put it away.

Now we need to get into the creative thinking mode and make some art! To get into your creative head space, find something you really love to do. Is it walking in a forest? Baking some really good cookies? Singing as loud as you can to your favorite song? Playing with your materials? Do it! Get relaxed and let the creativity come! Sometimes I find that looking at jewelry magazines helps. Other times I need to put it all away and watch a favorite movie or read a good book. Anything to get me relaxed. Once I know I am relaxed, I know the creativity will come.

So here is my advice: take a relaxing bath, listen to music, play with the dog, heck, even take a short nap to recharge your 'batteries'... sometimes you need to be away from your element to feel closer to it - as the expression goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and as long as you are doing something you love, your heart will lead the way. You just need to be patient and not pressure yourself!

Good luck and have fun getting back to creating.

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  1. I like to take a break and read a crafy magazine or search around on Etsy when I'm having a block. Sometimes it's something small like a color combo or an embellishment I see...and I'm back on track :)
    Great tips!

  2. Great idea Edi! I love to surf around Etsy as well - there are so many great artists on there, I am bound to be inspired :)

  3. I get stressed because there's not enough time to do everything I need to do. It absolutely stifels my creativity. But, I'm going to take a deep breath, play with the furbabies, take a nap and wake up refreshed and creative again!



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