Monday, August 10, 2009

Maniacal Monday - It's an Invasion!

We were just about to go to bed late on Saturday night when *GASP* Arwen! What's that above your head??? Nooooo! It's a monster! It's an invasion! It's an ATTACK, LOOK OUT!!
....Actually, it was just a frog that had climbed on to the outside of our living room window. I'm sorry for the rather intimate shot of the frog, but it was the only shot I could get at midnight. What impresses me most is that we live in a high ranch style house - where he was on our living room window was about 17 feet off of the ground! What a high-climbing froggy. I am very impressed. We also had one on our front light, but I didn't get a good shot of him (or her).
Arwen was less than impressed by the frog, but thought that just in case, she would put on her crab helmet. Just in case.

Keep watching, a new contest is about to begin!


  1. Arwen's scared of a little froggy? LOL
    Harley woule be chasing it and biting and pawing at the window!

  2. Amazing photo of the frog! And Arwen is adorable in her crab helmet, of course!

  3. Cute frog!
    And Arwen looks adorable in her crab helmet :)
    I'm curious as to your new contest...

    have a great week,


  4. Great photo of the frog! And, who can resist a crab helmet?

    Looking forward to your new contest.


  5. What an odd place to see a frog at midnight! Arwen looks less than impressed with it but she sure looks cute in her crab helmet!

  6. Everyone needs a crab helmet! ;)

  7. Arwen, the crab helmet was a good safety precaution!

  8. Yes, Arwen was not impressed by the frog's amazing climb. I think she was miffed that she wasn't getting enough attention, lol.
    I wish I could dress her up in clothes like Daisy The Curly Cat, but she is a large dog, and the cost would be astronomical. Plus, she probably wouldn't go for it, lol!

  9. Haha, love the crab helmet!

  10. When we lived in a second-floor apartment, the little frogs would climb up to our balcony at night. They never ceased to amaze and startle me!

  11. That froggy is cute! Sorry I haven't been around the bloggy world as much lately - life has been busy! I hope to be keeping up with all my favorite blogs again now :)



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