Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming!

~My Niece Violet in Her Custom Tiara~

I am SO sorry for the unexpected absence the last few days - we were up at my in-laws visiting family (and my 5 month old niece, above, for the first time) and though I had blog posts planned, I never got around to doing them :(
However, the visit was fantastic, the drive much faster than usual (3-1/2 hours instead of 4-1/2), and the weather just divine.
I made my niece a custom tiara to fit her little head (it will fit an infant as a headband, but will fit anyone as a mini tiara very nicely). I used a gold-plate headband, Swarovski crystal pearls in white and rose pink and attached them with 14karat gold filled wire. It was a hit, everyone loved it, including Violet!
I hope you have a great day, with warmth, happiness and sunshine.


  1. Mehann so glad you had a good trip. Blog, slog. When you get to spend time with your beautiful niece, well there is no choice.

    I absolutely love the tiara. Do you have another picture of it so I can see it better. It is gorgeous.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Oh, your niece is such a cutie pie! And Mom LOVES the tiara. She and our aunties, our Nana and pretty much all girl family members all wear their tiaras for almost every family gathering.

  3. That photo is adorable! The tiara looks great. And I agree - visiting family is more important than blogging!

  4. Thanks for the tiara comments. Yeah, Violet has got to be the happiest, funniest baby I've ever seen - you know, the kind that makes you think that a baby might be okay...then you get one and all they do is scream and poop, lol. I am happy I got to see her finally, she is a real sweetheart and I'm glad the tiara went over well :)

  5. What a beautiful smile! She looks like a princess in her tiara, no wonder you had better things to do!



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