Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday's Treasures - Me Time #2 New Colors!

~My Newly Painted Nails!~
~Borghese's "B320 Palazzo Lilac"

In a continuing effort to take time out for me, I am continuing with my promise to try and paint my nails once per week. This week I did my finger nails (my toes are still that fantastic shade of blue that I love too much to take off currently, lol).
This week I used a polish called Borghese, in their shade called, "B320 Palazzo Lilac". I had never used it before, probably because it is about twice the price of regular brands, such as Revlon. At $15 a bottle, it was a major splurge for me and I wasn't sure if the clerk was saying it was the best nail polish ever to get me to buy it or not. Last night was proof that the clerk was totally, 100% RIGHT. This polish went on like silk, dried very quickly, didn't streak, and is EXACTLY the color bottle says it will be. I had almost no problem getting it on my nails and not on the sides of my fingers (well, I did get a little on my fingers, but it came off like a dream!), and it has a brush that is just to die for - very soft, with a wide side to get the main part of your nails in one fell swoop, but turn it a quarter turn and you have a narrower brush to get in those small parts - AMAZING! I did two coats and then sealed with a top coat and my nails feel like buttah. The only unevenness in the photo of my nails is due to the fact that my nails flake away, not due to the nail polish. I am SUPER impressed, and I think that I will be saving up for new colors from this company from now on. With this brand, at least, you do really seem to get value for money - how refreshing!
I did, however, still feel a bit guilty for taking time for me so I baked chocolate chip cookies for my hubby and neighbors, see my Low Allergy Kitchen blog for pictures of those! ;)
Thanks for tuning in!


  1. That's a really pretty color! I'm hopeless at painting my nails (my job is not suited to painted nails anyway) - so I'm impressed.

  2. Thank You! Don't feel bad - I work with wire and I give this about 3 more hours before it is chipped and scratched - I'll keep you updated, lol. I am finding, though, that the more I paint my nails, the better I get, so I'll see if it isn't such a horrible job next week, lol.

  3. What a pretty shimmer that polish has! I haven't painted my nails in a really long time. I tend to have feline help which makes it very difficult to do anyway!

  4. So that's why Linda sometimes makes me chocolate chip cookies! Guilt! Now I understand.

  5. thanks for your comment!
    i think i'll get this nail polish brand next time i go shopping for nail polish.

  6. LOL, yes Beaded, cats make 'me time' darn near impossible, but it is worth it :)

  7. Oh guilt is quite a motivating factor in many things Barry, lol :)

  8. Let me know how the polish turns out Journey! It's been almost 3 days of housework, laundry, wire work and I only have one teeny chip! I am VERY impressed - normally it is a matter of hours before polish looks horrible on my hands :)



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