Friday, April 17, 2009

Fabulous Friday - Check Out These Earrings!

Perfect for a wedding, special event or just doing dishes, these are sure to stun anyone within eyesight! I used 2 inches of fine sterling silver chain to suspend ten tiny, reclaimed, vintage freshwater pearls in a rainfall pattern with a large Swarovski crystal pearl at that bottom of each earring. The effect looks rather like the pearls are rain falling down the earrings and collecting in a pool at the bottom :)
They are suspended from hand made ear wires and I think they are absolutely gorgeous! They will be for sale shortly on my Etsy store, so I do hope you will stop by and check them out.


  1. These look like the would go perfectly with one of your tiaras. Heheh, you are making me wish I was a girly girl! :oD

  2. LOL, I'll convert you yet Louise ;-)

  3. Gorgeous! Those look like they were a lot of work, too - very well done.

  4. A labor of love, Mishkat, they are very fun to make :)



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