Monday, April 20, 2009

Manic Monday - Some New Bracelets!

This morning did NOT go as planned: I had made my to-do list last night and planned to get up,work out right away after making hubby's lunch, eat breakfast, clean the kitchen and get right into laundry and housework so that I could get into more jewellery-making after lunch.
Not so, as my alarm clock decided that snooze wasn't going to work this morning, and so I woke up a full HOUR after I was supposed to, leaving poor hubby just 15 minutes to shower and get ready for work! That being said, I got him ready first, cleaned the kitchen, and I will work a bit.
First I wanted to show you two new bracelet designs that, if all goes well, will be for sale in a store near Toronto that is currently carrying some of my tiaras and hair combs - fingers crossed!
They are made with sterling silver chain and wire and these are made with Czech glass fire polish beads, though the ones for the Woodbridge store will have Swarovski Crystals in them.
....Now, where did I leave my head again?


  1. They're both beautiful - very classic!

  2. Don't you hate when the week starts like that?

    Pretty bracelets :)

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids



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