Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday's Treasures - Spending some Time on ME

Ugly feet aside, I decided I needed time for ME. Not on the laptop, not making jewellery or blogging or Entrecard Dropping or Project Wonderful-ing or anything else. I needed to sit, put my feet up and paint my nails. I haven't painted my nails in probably 2 years, so it isn't nearly a perfect job, in fact it is only marginally not bad, but I have painted my toes, taken time for ME and I am so happy about that. My fingernails aren't as well done, but I know that it will get better - I have decided (and you are here to keep me to this promise, so don't let me down, lol) that I will paint my nails at least once per week to spend time on me, so I will get better with practice :)
This week is Revlon's "Midnight Affair" - a dark, rich blue with a hint of sparkle. I love it! It isn't too girly, nor is it too 'tough', and I'm so happy I took time for me.
What are you going to do for you today? Take a bath? Read a book? Do something that makes you feel good, even if it is only a 5 minute moisturizing of legs and elbows or playing fetch with your dog.
You are worth it!


  1. Wild color! I can't stand to wear any kind of nail polish (it just feels weird to me), but your toes look good!

  2. Painted toenails are so fun! It's good that you took the time for you and I plan to spend time on me now that I won't be working so much. My to do list is very long but I'll take time each day to do something just for me!

  3. I agree Meghann..good for you! women are good at putting themselves last on the list. Painted toes are a great start! :)



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