Sunday, April 19, 2009

Super Sunday - My New Website is Here!

After much work, coffee, yelling and cursing at computer screens, and, at last, awkward happy dances, the new face of Little Studio Photography and Jewellery is here! I am not a website designer, so it took WAY longer than I had expected, but now the website is actually much more similar my blog, and definitely easier to navigate. I have to thank Chica and Pumukl for the design of my blog and inspiration to make my website and other advertising mediums more cohesive. Next up is redoing my banners for my shops to match my blog and website.

The old website was a bit confusing, and, let's face it, far to much work when I want to be concentrating on making new items for you, so the new site is much smoother and easier to get around. You'll find links to all of my shops, as well as other places to see my work. You'll also see the charities I'm trying to help, and get links to all the blogs I am a part of.

I do hope you will stop by my website and take a look at all of the wonderful places you can see (and purchase!) my works.

I have many more pieces in progress that I hope to be able to show you soon (especially since I don't have to work on my website for a while).
Have a great Sunday,


  1. It looks great, Meghann. The category photos are beautiful. Of course, the one of you and Arwen is my favorite (and perfect for the charities category), but I also love that trillium photo.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad my happy dance was not in vain :D

  3. Your new website looks great Meghann! It's organized well and the photos are wonderful! Arwen is as cute as always too!

  4. It's very nice Megahnn!
    Lovely photo of you with Arwen, ofcourse!



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