Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet Saturday - What An Awesome Thank You!

I visited good friend and glass extraordinaire Louise Ingram from Fireseed yesterday, to pick up the beads I traded for the amigurumi dolls I made for her and her cat and wow am I impressed! The pink beads I asked her to make waaaay back in February and I have a design just waiting for them - aren't they fantastic?
She had mentioned that she had included a few surprises and when I got home, I found these stunning red beads too - don't they just look like candy? Maybe rubies? I can't decide - but either way they are so gorgeous, I made a bracelet from them right away, see below for more pictures :)Then, I peeked into the bag again and out came these beads! Wow, I can't wait to make things with them, they are so different and beautiful :)
Last but not least (not by a long shot!), I found that she had included her famous animal beads! The naughty-but-nice Louise had included a Bunkee Bead (her delightful Monkees dressed as bunnies!), a black cat bead, and a sweet little black dog bead that I swear she must have used a picture of my dog to make, the resemblance is staggering (she got the smile down perfectly, lol).
I have to say I feel very spoiled and I will have to do a few more monkey dolls to feel I have repaid her for her amazing generosity!
Here is a photo of the bracelet I made with the red-candy beads - I made links from individual rings that I had linked by hand to make a chain mail knot, then I attached each link to a bead. I made a square clasp to match the square beads - too cool, huh? I know Louise definitely brings out the best in my work - her beads are so beautiful they always inspire a piece that is (in my humble opinion) as much art as functioning jewelry. Thank you Louise!


  1. Gorgeous beads and that bracelet came out beautiful! Can't wait to see what you make with the rest.

  2. Very nice beads Megahnn, great colours and the red bracelet looks very nice indeed! It goes perfectly with the silver.

  3. Those beads are beautiful - I love the one that looks like Arwen! The bracelet you made is stunning Meghann!

  4. Meghann you deserved every one of them for all the Etsy treasuries you've included me in, all the delicious goodies you've given me, all the lovely comments on my blog and of course for your wonderful amigurumi!! It made me very happy to pick them out for you.

    I adore what you've created with those red beads! The silver and red work wonderfully together, it really is a beautiful piece, I would never have thought the beads could look so good! Thank you - you've done 'em proud! Wow, I have to keep scrolling back to look at it. I'm snitching that image for somewhere on my website - hope you don't mind ;o)

  5. Those are all gorgeous beads - and that bracelet is beautiful! I really like the dog bead - it does look like Arwen - and the mixed abstract beads in the third photo.

  6. I love how the bracelet turned out! Great beads :)

  7. Beautiful beads ~ I love "Arwen", it's TOO cute! I can't wait to see the stunning pieces that will come out of your new glass goodies :o)

  8. Wowza - beautiful beads! I love "Arwen's" little bead, it's absolutely adorable. I can't wait to see what other gorgeous creations you make from your fabulous goodies :o)



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