Sunday, April 26, 2009

Soulful Sunday - A Little Bit of Cleanup

I decided to go and clean up some trash on the sides of our roads on Friday, as I had mentioned in another post that there was trash everywhere on our beautiful country roads. Arwen was sleeping so I left her on the couch while I went and played superhero:
I was amazed that after only TEN MINUTES, I had a trash bag FULL to the point where I was having a hard time carrying it! I only did about 800 feet of road (400 feet on both sides), and I didn't even get to do our whole frontage (we have about 500 feet). What disturbed me most was that there were mostly coffee cups and ALCOHOL containers! Here is the large trash bag:I have decided to try and get out once per week and spend ten minutes picking up trash. I figure if I am going to paint my nails once per week, spending time on me, that I should spend time on our neighborhood as well. I even thought of inviting the neighbors to make a road clean-up rally day, where we could stop at different houses and mingle and collect garbage to keep our roads looking pretty.
I got home and Arwen was still sleeping, probably dreaming of chasing robins, happily unaware of all the trash that had been cleaned up :)Tune in tomorrow for some great info on new jewelry to come!


  1. That's quite a bit of trash but thanks to you, your neighborhood is looking much better today! A neighborhood rally sounds like a great idea and would certainly get more people involved in reducing the trash around. As for Arwen, those pictures of her are wonderful!

  2. Why do people litter? I would never think to throw something out of our vehicle instead of taking the garbage home? I don't get it? Since our small town got a McDonald's the garbage on the streets and country roads has really increased.

  3. I was brought up in Australia and I never remember rubbish over there - they had a great campaign called Keep Australia Beautiful - which made you take pride in your country. (and countryside!)
    However when I moved to Scotland I was disgusted (still am) at the tremendous amount of rubbish that people Throw! onto the verges! what a sad mentality they have !

    well done on your clean up! Arwen looks content.

  4. Thank you! It is amazing how many people disregard other people's land. Our area is so beautiful - fields, forests, ponds, farmland, and it is amazing how quickly its beauty is tarnished by thoughtlessness.
    Let's all start cleaning up our areas and start a beauty revolution!



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