Friday, April 17, 2009


I received an email from a friend, Marjorie over at The Fantail, about the Feathers Foundation, an organization that saves good horses from slaughterhouses in Canada and the United States. Apparently, they have come across a lot of 19 horses, ten of which are pregnant! They are all due to go to the slaughterhouse unless the money can be raised to send them to Circle L Ranch in Arizona to be rehabilitated and, where possible, adopted out to a loving forever home. They need to raise about $4500US and have so far reached about $2100US. Any donation is greatly appreciated, many people are giving just $10 (and that is doable for just about everyone, right?) to help and that is making all the difference! If just 200 people donate $10 (and you are welcome to donate more!), they will reach their goal in no time.
THEY NEED TO REACH THEIR GOAL BY APRIL 24 OR THESE HORSES AND THEIR UNBORN FOALS WILL GO TO SLAUGHTER! Please, please help save them! If you go to their donation site (which is a secure site through FirstGiving) you can see that you may even be able to adopt them, for as little as $100! How amazing to get such a wonderful creature for only $100, and know that you have saved them a terrifying end to a too-short life.
Please donate any amount today at:
Thank you!

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  1. Thanks for telling us about this need. I will check it out. It's such a sad situation and I hope they are saved.



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