Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Some Spring in My House and a Very Happy Cat

~Raff and his hand-crocheted toys~
~My Vegetable and Flower Seeds!~

I popped on my friend Louise of Fireseed's blog and found some truly adorable pictures of her cat, Raff, enjoying his new toys, Octothello and Beary and had to show you! I posted about crocheting the little amigurumi doll last week (Click Here for the post), and I was so excited to see him play with the toys and enjoying them :)
I also started some of my vegetable and flower seeds yesterday and though I still have to put my lights on the shelves to help them, I couldn't wait to show you that I now have a bit of spring in my house :D
I started my hot peppers, block peppers, cherry tomatoes, Brandywine (like beefsteak) tomatoes, asparagus (that will take 3 years to produce spears, but it will be worth it to have asparagus!!), Daisy Fleabane (so pretty despite it's name), pansies (the ones covered in foil so they germinate), and Canterbury bells (they attract the biggest, slowest, fattest bumble bees you've ever seen!).
I still have many seeds to start, as I have to time them with my plant out dates, so I'll keep you posted as I plant and as they grow....At least I don't have to worry about cats getting into the soil this year - Gandalf LOVED to ruin my seed starting by dumping the soil and rolling in it, and though I miss him, I will NOT miss coming home to a filthy cat and no plants! :s
I hope you have a wonderful day, and I will try to continue posting through the Easter weekend, though it may get a little crazy.
Until next time!


  1. Raff looks so cute with the toys you made. (I know my cats would love them!)

    And that's a lot of plants you have started! Everything sounds good - I particularly like Brandywine tomatoes. I only grow flowers (we don't have enough sun for vegetables). I'm fortunate enough to have a friend with some extra greenhouse space - otherwise there is no way I could start seeds because the cats would attack everything.

  2. Thanks Mishkat - a friend with a green house is a very good friend indeed, I'm jealous!! It looks like there are many plants, but really the vegetable ones (the square pots) only have one seed each. I have a large garden, but I don't need 200 pounds of tomatoes (yeah, I'm sure I had close to that one year, I swear, so I only plant 2 or three of each variety now, lol). I've never grown the Brandywine before, but I've heard such great things that I couldn't help but get a package this year :)

  3. Good for you starting your own seeds! I'm too lazy and just buy a lot of plants at the store or directly sow some things into the soil.



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