Friday, July 17, 2009

Fabulous Friday Features: Meet Redd of A Dame Named Redd!

Hello and welcome to the next installment of Friday Features, where I feature a great Etsy artisan each week. Do you know an artist who should be featured next? Do you want to be featured? Leave me a comment at the end of this post and I'll see what I can do!

~The Main Men in Redd's Life: Redd's Hubby and Adorable Son Ash!~

With that out of the way, please let me introduce you to Redd Hynes, owner and artist behind Handmade Fun by a Dame Named Redd AND The Dame's Yarn Fun Emporium. She is a great artist from the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada region and is here to show you a bit of what she does, and some great photos of her family!

~A Few of Her Furry Kids, From Left: Elly the Persian, Chloe the Holland Lop, Claypool the Tabby and Cory the Tortie~

Redd has two shops on Etsy and you sure don't want to miss them! She has some great, funky jewelry, accessories and Nom Nom Nom Balm (more on that later) in her Handmade Fun by a Dame Named Redd Etsy shop. She also has The Dame's Yarn Fun Emporium on Etsy where she sells great knitted and crocheted items for the whole family!

~Redd's Hamster, Admiral Awesome (I Think the Name Makes Him More Awesome!)~

Here's what Redd has to say:
I've always loved making things. Both my mother and my grandmothers were creative women. They always encouraged me. I used to take drawing classes when I was a wee Dame. I remember cross stitching something for my mom with the help of my Nana when I was 10 or so.
~Redd Herself~

My first Etsy shop is Handmade Fun by a Dame Named Redd. In that shop I have jewelry, accessories and my own line of lip balm, Nom Nom Nom Balm! It opened up Feb. 5 of 2008.
~A Few Items from her Handmade Fun by a Dame Named Redd Etsy shop~

I learned how to knit after my son was born and am quite addicted to that as well as crochet.
My second shop is The Dame's Yarn Fun Emporium. I wanted a place where I could showcase my fibre fun. It has slippers and fibre jewelry and things to keep you toasty warm. It opened this year on May 5, 2009.
~A Few Items From The Dame's Yarn Fun Emporium on Etsy~

I'll offer up a 20% off sale for a month after this gets posted for anyone who writes "Meghann sent me!" in the notes to seller (not including shipping).

Wow, what a great creative person you are and what a great discount! I hope everyone takes advantage of this very generous offer :)

Until Tomorrow....


  1. We love the kitty photos - and we're cracking up at the name of that lip balm! That's great.

  2. We want some Nom Nom Nom Balm!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. She's very creative and talented! Fabulous knitting work! Love the kitty photos too!

  4. Thanks for visiting! Redd is a great lady, please do check out her shops - she has some great deals :)



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