Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sweet Saturday: New Rings!!

Sweet Saturday indeed! Here are some new rings I've been working on lately: the first is a ring that is sweet, yet sort of Steam Punk. I used sterling silver wire to make a comfortable shank, adding a teal Swarovski crystal to the center. I then coiled more sterling silver wire around the base wire and added 2 clear Swarovski crystals to the outside of the teal bead, coiling the remainder of the wire on the sides.
The result is a coiled ring that is pretty, yet different. You could keep it shiny, or allow it to patina and darken naturally, giving it a worn look for a more "Steam Punk" style.
The second ring I am calling my Turquoise Saturn ring. I took a real turquoise bead and surrounded it with a nest of sterling silver wire and creating a comfortable shank in the process.
It looks like a planet surrounded by rings (or a Robin's egg in a nest, whichever suits your fancy). I will be listing these rings on my Etsy store this weekend, so please do stop by and have a gander... I have even more cool items to come, please keep checking back!

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  1. They are both beautiful, but I particularly like that Saturn ring (great name!)

  2. These are great! I like the steampunk look you gave the first one too!

  3. Thank you! They are very fun to make :)

  4. Your rings are so wonderful! Makes me wish I had more ring fingers!

  5. Thank you Sharla, you are always so kind :-D



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