Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

~Weathered Copper Bangle~

Last year I was given some great copper wire from a friend of mine, with the hopes that I would do something with it. It had originally been copper wiring, but had been removed from where ever it had spent its original intent and stripped, allowing it to patina naturally and wait for its new purpose.....I ran into some problems when it took me 5 minutes to cut through it (cramping my hands in the process), but kept it on my jewelry table anyway, waiting, watching, hoping for some inspiration. Imagine my surprise when I realized that, yes, sometimes the simplest design is also the best! Here is the first of a few VERY limited bangles. I sanded the wire lightly to wear away some of the patina, and gently hammered it to harden it slightly and further smooth the edges. That being said, it will easily adjust to almost any wrist size. Simply slip it onto your wrist and you are ready to go! Talk about eco-chic! Now you get to help the environment and look great doing it :)

This would also look good as an upper arm bangle - just slide it on up your arm and voila! It will adjust in size with a little bit of pressure.

I should mention that this is bare copper wire and may cause some color transfer to your skin, though some non-sticky hairspray or clear sealant may help prevent this.

I hope you like it, it will be added to my Etsy store sometime today, so please check it out!

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  1. cute bangle! yea to recycling! {:-D

  2. Great looking bangle and how cool you could recycle the copper in such a beautiful way!

  3. Oh its beautiful....Sweetie Thank you for all your support....You are a special light in my world....You and I were meant to chat...LOL..

    Hugs xoxoxo S

  4. What a fabulous idea! The bracelet turned out beautifully; I love the natural patina (it's gorgeous :o)



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