Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday's Walks with Arwen

Hello! It is time for another day with me, Arwen the grown up puppy, and my walks in the wilds of Merrickville, Ontario with my human slave, mommy :) Ra-roo, let's go mommy!!
The wolves and coyotes were howling last night, really, really loud, and I think I smell them this way, let's go mommy! I should note that mommy is making us stay on the roads this time as well, as there have been quite a few wild predators around - wolves and fishers too, so we are going to be safe, but, I don't understand! My bark is way scarier than she thinks (anyone coming to the door would know that) and there is NO way a predator is going near my mommy with me around, ra-roo :)
Ooooh this is a good sniff spot, wait a sec mommy....yup, Bill and Luke passed this way not too long ago, and there is supposed to be a bush party soon with steaks and doggy treats galore....
Here is a pretty photo of the forest, mommy loves it, even if the bugs love her more.
Okay, really mom, I know this is pee spot number 2, but I DON'T want it shown in public! Mommy wants me to note that the camera was shaking from her laughing so much - it took me about 30 seconds to be comfortable enough to pee. I'm not laughing, but I AM glad my pee mail was signed, sealed and delivered!
Here's where we turn around *sigh* I wish we could go on forever, but I need some water soon, and mommy's legs are turning slowly to jello...I told her not to work out before we went on walks, Ra ROO!!
Here is a pretty corn field. The corn is already about a foot high. I would love to go off leash there and chase some of the wild critters, but mommy can't let me off leash - one good sniff and I take off for hours, which is dangerous, but fun for me. I have to content myself with our walks and looking at the field. When I go to grandmonna's though, I get to run around like a crazy dog in their backyard, so it's not too bad :)
Another reason mommy likes to go on walks with me is kind of weird, I think. She loves the way my ears bounce when I walk. Often I hear her giggling behind me as she watches my cute ears bounce up and she goes again!
At last! We are home! I sent and received pee mail, looked at some pretty scenery, and made mommy giggle. I am a happy dog! Now I just need to get some water and snuggle, bye for now!

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Arwen and


  1. Hi Arwen! It looks like another excellent walk. I can tell from that first photo that you have real cute flying sort of ears. RA-Rooooo!

  2. Hello Arwen! Beautiful view, I love the place that your mommy and you just walked.

  3. Some beautiful scenery Meghann! I got a mental picture of Arwen's ears boinging up and down and got the giggles; I'm betting it was even funnier in person :o) Thank you for sharing today's adventures with us!

  4. Great pictures again!! It's a beautiful day here too. Just enough of a breeze to keep the bugs away.

  5. I know that spot!! ;o)
    Arwen's ears say it all in the first pic!

  6. You've been tagged!! Come to my blog to check it out.

  7. That looks like a fun walk (even if your Mom did catch you in a "private" moment!)

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. Hi sweetie....Im here and posting to ya..Just cant comment to ur blog from work...Loving everything you have been up to...Im here supporting ya from the other side of the work screen....Hugs Sweetie...

    Sonia xoxoxo

  9. Arwen, I enjoyed going on a walk with you again today! It's good that you were so thorough checking and sending pee-mail! My mommy likes your ears too so wonders if your mommy can video tape them flopping!


  10. We liked going on the walk with you, Arwen - you live in such a pretty place. We wish we could go on walks and leave pee-mail too (although we don't think your mom should take photos of THAT! A girl's gotta have some privacy!)

  11. Arwen wants to thank you all for loving her walks and has made me promise to not take any more pictures of the embarrassing pee spots :)
    I will try and videotape her ears as soon as I figure out how to do that :D

  12. Looks like you two have a lot of fun :D



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