Sunday, July 26, 2009

Soulful Sunday: A Run is as Good as a Vacation!

Hi! It's me, Arwen, reporting from GrandMonna's and GrandDaddoo's backyard in Ottawa! I thought I'd take you around a very fast tour of their'll have to be fast though, I have hours of running to do and need to get started right now, rooh rooh! First I had a quick pee, but mommy was nice and didn't photograph that :)
Then I ran to the left (my left, your right) and decided the birdbath would make an excellent pylon for running around, here I am, pretending to take off like a rocket...
WOAH! What are THOSE??? Red thingys, they smell good, and mommy kept picking them right off the bush and smiling and making happy noises.....okay, let's keep going!
Here I am showing my superb acceleration around the previously mentioned birdbath..I wish there were birds in there that I could chase, but they all flew away for some reason when I came outside ;-)
Wait a second.....something smells GOOD!
WOAH! It is master griller GrandDaddoo on the BBQ! Hey, I want a Maybe later, when mommy isn't looking!
Now, here is another smell....GrandDadoo is petting Sheeeba, their senior citizen in residence...
She is getting quite old and has absolutely NO patience for me. She is always hissing, growling and spitting at me, but that is okay, I understand (cats get grumpy when they are old, rah rooh!)
Well that is it for now, I'm going to usher you out, I have quite a bit of running to do, and mommy says that tomorrow we have to go get boots for me, so I'll try to get GrandMonna to take photos of my fashion fitting :)

Have a great Sunday!

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and Arwen


  1. Our woofies run around like that too...Mom calls it "doing the Crazy Dog thing" 'cause they chase each other all over the yard.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Wow Arwen! You sure had a lot of fun running around the yard! I bet you even slept of running around birdbaths didn't you? Sheeba is a very pretty kitty even if she is a little grumpy with you.

  3. thank you! Sheeeba is a good cat, just a little short tempered these days. I am having so much fun running as fast as I can, I hope it never ends :)

  4. Phew! Glad you got some good running in this weekend. I'm tired just watching you.

  5. Arwen sounds like such a wonderful dog and he's got a great mommy ;) So you call your parents grandparents of the pets too :)

    My kitty is grumpy sometimes and she's not even two yet! She's looking at me all sleepy right now wondering when mommy's finally going to bed.

  6. Lucky Arwen to have so much room to run around in. I'm just curious if any of the food on the BBQ was shared with Arwen?

  7. Thanks for reading and commenting! Arwen got a teensy bit of chicken from the BBQ, and looooved every second of it :)

  8. sheeeba looks completely bored! Thanks for the tour Arwen - it's a wonderful backyard! {:-D

  9. I love reading about Arwen's adventures in "Peopledom" :o) She looks like she had a wonderful visit; I hope you did too!



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