Wednesday, July 29, 2009

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: New Rings!

~NeoAmour Elizabeth Nest Ring~
~Custom Sterling Silver Nest Ring with Rainbow Fluorite~

I'm taking back my blog for a day - it's been raining so the roads are still wet so I can't walk Arwen until I find her some boots or the roads dry out.

Here are some new rings I made - one is for a client and made with rainbow fluorite, the other uses a Swarovski crystal in Emerald shade. I am making it a part of my NeoAmour collection for Queen Elizabeth1 and it will be for sale on my Etsy store at some point today. Both are made with sterling silver wire and Czech glass silver lined beads. Please check it out!

ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER THE CONTEST!! Sign up for my newsletter to try and win a pair of magnificent earrings from my NeoAmour Marie Antoinette collection (You have to sign up for the newsletter first to be eligible to win!!), see the full contest details here.


  1. All of your rings are so great! I totally love mine!!!

  2. Thank you, I'm so glad you are happy with your custom ring :)

  3. Those are definitely very gorgeous rings, well done!

  4. Your rings are incredible! Beautiful work!

  5. Lovely!! Reminds me - I should wear my wedding rings more often.

  6. Thank you very much, I love making rings - they are so much fun to do.
    Please let me know if you would like to see anything else in jewelry, your ideas are important to me!!



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