Sunday, February 15, 2009

...And I Give Up....

After fighting with my blog for almost the entire weekend (thus the non posting up until now), trying to save myself some money trying to do things myself, I have decided that I DEFINITELY need someone to do my blog for me - it just isn't worth my time getting frustrated and having to redo everything over and over again. I ended up blowing away the widgets three different times, and despite saving the code of my original blog so that I would (in theory, at least) be able to restore the old blog, I have had to put the widgets in manually and they still aren't all working correctly. I apologize for the new ugliness, and I promise it should be temporary!
I have contacted a very nice person who does these sorts of things and hopefully in a few weeks I will have a pretty, easy-to-read- 3 column blog. Now I am off to pay attention to my morose-looking dog (see above) and to try and find out if I still have a husband....I thought I saw him...he was around here earlier....


  1. I completely understand, because it's not an easy task! I spent many hours on mine, and it was BEFORE there were any posts and/or widgets on it. I'm not sure how I'd go about it now because I had to go through so many iterations.

    Looking forward to seeing the new design!

  2. I'm trying again to leave a comment (you may get two from me!) Just wanted to say that I know how frustrating it can be.



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