Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sweet Saturday - I Got a Thank-You!

I received a wonderful thank you in the mail today - postcards from CrazyBliss! I LOVE her artwork - her cats are so whimsical and happy, they always make me feel happy. Imagine my surprise when I got these as a thank you! Wow! Apparently the postcards will be a new item in her shop soon, so check out her CrazyBliss Etsy Shop to see all of her cool items, guaranteed to make you smile no matter what kind of day you are having!


  1. What a great surprise - those are wonderful kitty postcards!

  2. that's a wonderful surprise for you Meghann! - how lovely - and aren't they just divine with that rich gold frame around them!

  3. I agree, CrazyBliss is a talented artist I love her unique style. These are something special - I am not surprised you love them!!

  4. What a fun surprise! Those postcards are so cute!



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