Friday, February 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday - I've Got Project Wonderful!

I am so proud to announce that I am now on Project Wonderful! You can advertise yourself on my blog for not very much money (not that I'm cheap, but...) and be part of a cool online community. I don't have any ads yet, but I hope that will change soon :)
In other news, my SUPER 50% OFF SALE is coming to an end so if there is something you like, grab it now before it is over!
I also have lots of new photographs and jewellery items on my Etsy Store at great prices, so if you missed out on your Valentine's favorites, grab a cup of coffee, sit down and have a gander at my shop :)
Also a big thank you to everyone who has been dropping (clicking) on my Entrecard! I am trying to reciprocate as much as possible if you have a blog. Click the link to the right for some cool blogs.
I'm now realizing I may need to get a new blog layout - one of those fancy-dancy 3 column ones...maybe if I make a few sales I can afford to have someone do it for me....Any suggestions?
That's all for now, tune in tomorrow for a cool heart-warming announcement.


  1. Welcome to the world of PW! I don't have a skyscraper ad yet so can't advertise on your site at this time. I had to have someone design my blog since I don't know the first thing about it. I used Ana from Chica and Pumuckl Designs - her widget is on the right side of my blog. She is from Germany and was wonderful to work with - and very affordable too!

  2. Thanks Beaded! That is a great idea - I'll check out her site. I am still confused about the PW ads - I thought that a skyscraper would have small ads inside it....maybe I'm wrong... :s

  3. PW can be confusing at first, but I'm sure you'll work it out (I learned by buying ads for someone else :)!)

    Chica and Pumickl do wonderful work - I have seen several blogs that they designed and they are great.

  4. Aren't PW adds great?!!!! Re 3 columns for your blog layout... if you google it you will find some very good instructions on internet (sorry the one I used a while back escapes me!) Then you don't have to waste your money on paying someone to do it for you. Good luck!



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