Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday - I Won a Prize!! Plus, a Little Contest of My Own...

~The Gorgeous Pendant I Won, Hand Painted by GypsyMareStudios on Etsy~

I love horses. I always have, and I always will. I rode and competed in hunters, jumpers and equitation in my youth on as many schooling horses I could find, eventually graduating to leasing horses and showing before an injury and lack of money put that to a heart-wrenching stop.

I still love horses. LOVE THEM! I draw them when I have the time. I really should list some of my drawings; though after seeing some of the other artists on Etsy, I have to say I am rather humbled by my drawings :)

Enter GypsyMareStudios. Her art is absolutely stunning. She always finds a way to bring her art to life, to bring the soul of her subjects to bear in the most amazing ways. The light she paints is as stunning as her shadows. The first time I saw her art I fell in love. Deeply in love with her obvious passion for her art. She loves what she does and it shows - boy does it ever!

Anyway, one of her Etsy street teams, WHOA Team, was having a blog giveaway and I won one of the prizes! I actually won the stunning pendant you see above, isn't that amazing? I never win anything and this, well, this was the one thing I would win if I had to choose from all the contests I have entered.

You really must visit her Etsy Shop and her Blog. Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to spend some time poking around - It is worth every second you spend on her sites, her art is gorgeous. You will find paintings, jewelry, accessories and much, much more - and not all of her art is horses, for those who aren't particularly horse-loving folk.

Thank You so much Jennifer from GypsyMareStudios!

Now, to share the love, I am going to have a leetle contest of my own:
What is your favorite item from my shop and why? The first two people to visit my Etsy Store, and respond to this post with the link of their favorite item and why it is their favorite will each get a secret surprise!
Happy hunting ;-)


  1. Thank you so much Meghann, the pendant couldn't have gone to a sweeter person! Your artwork and jewellery is stunning. I love the dragonfly photo at the top of your blog.
    In your shop I love the clematis photo b/c purple & green are my favorite colors and I love flowers.
    I also like all things Celtic so this bracelet I find very appealing...

  2. What a beautiful pendant you won! Horses are beautiful animals!

    From your shop I love this:
    I like the elegant simplicity of those earrings! And they are so unique too!

  3. That's a gorgeous pendant! Congratulations!

    I know I'm the third person, but just wanted to say that I love these cards:

    (I think you probably already know this!)



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