Friday, February 20, 2009

Fabulous Friday!! I Got a Surprise Package!!

~The Best Surprise Package EVER!!~

A few weeks ago my new friend Jen, from Epic Farms in Alabama, and I decided to do a trade: she was eyeing a few pieces of my jewellery and I was very interested in some of her die cuts and tags. I've been wanting to have some nice tags to include with my packages when people order from me so I can include another heartfelt, hand written 'Thank You" and Jen's descriptions of her new tags sounded absolutely scrumptious! She also informed me that she had "a little bit of yarn" that she wasn't going to be using and that she would gladly give to me so that I could make some more amigurumi dolls to sell for charity. I was thrilled! I waited.....and waited.....(Okay it was only about 5 days to come allllll the way up here!) and finally it came! My little package from my new friend....except that this wasn't the little package I was expecting - it was a veritable treasure chest full of goodies! It was HUGE! (see above) She included a wonderful thank you letter for my donation to her farm in December:
And an absolute TON of beautiful yarns in all sorts of shades, even a sparkly one that I had seen in a store and loved but didn't have the money for (Jen didn't even know that but included it anyway!!). She suggested I make a cute little kitty out of it and call it "Sparkles the Cat" - I love that idea! Check out all the yarn! I am so excited!!
Then she included her tags - take a look at these, they have to be the most beautiful tags in the world, and most of them are 2 layered!! I told her to get these on her WYSIWIGS Etsy Shop to sell as they are SO gorgeous and the paper quality is stunning - not too thick and not too thin with the two layers. AND these ones even have ribbon! One tag even had a little cut out flower on the reverse with a little rhinestone carefully glued on (I got the reverse side in the photo - it's the Easter egg looking one)
Finally, she even included a magnet and a photo of one of her equine residents (and my favorite) Shadow. He is one of her rescue horses at her Epic Farms and needs a yellow security blanket! Isn't that adorable? These pictures are so wonderfully cute:
What an amazing day! I have to say I almost cried with happines - it's not every day you get to meet someone with such a large heart as Jen's.
Now I just hope she likes the jewelry I sent her....maybe I should send some more... :)
You really should check out her shops, Epic Farms and WYSIWIGS, she does amazing paper folding pieces, drawings, you-name-it, she has something beautiful (and affordable!) for everyone. You can also see her farm's website, to see more horses and read all about her farm.
Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to list more items in my Etsy shop - some REALLY cool necklaces, and I've re-done many of my older photos to show the jewelry there more clearly, I hope you like it!


  1. How wonderful for both of you Meghann! I love her picture with her horse and it's blanket. The tags look lovely and I can't wait to see what you knit with the wool!

  2. Oh my goodness girl, I am BLUSHING (okay, make that "fire engine red" actually :o) I cannot wait to see my jewelry (which will hopefully get here today) because I know it's going to be just gorgeous!! I am hopelessly addicted to bling, and Meghann's shop - for anyone not in the know - is delightfully dangerous (I have a lust list, and I'm not afraid to use it ;o)

    Thank you, Meghann for your kind words; I count you among my many blessings...I'm SO VERY GLAD we "met"! :o)

  3. All I can say is WOW - this is one happy exchange of wonderfulness. I reckon both of you are the happiest people on the planet LOL!!!

    I was sent some lovely trets by a knitting swap friend so I know the feeling! Congratulations to you both.



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