Monday, February 2, 2009

Melodious Monday - Another Tiara

~Crystal Queen Tiara front~
~Crystal Queen Tiara top~
~Crystal Queen Tiara closeup~

Today has been a melodious Monday for sure! I woke up with energy for once in a blue moon! I am sore as usual, but I have energy, WOO! I got some housework done and then made this stunner of a tiara. I used a silver plate tiara base and Czech glass fire polish beads in 'crystal' then I used 6mm and 4mm Swarovski Crystal pearls in 'natural white' I attached them with over 5 feet of sterling silver wire. Not bad for a little over an hour! This is just beautiful - not too big and flashy, not too small to get lost in an up do. Just perfect for that Queen-in-the-making!
I hope the bridal store in Toronto likes this one, what do you think?


  1. My fave is Fabled Forest, but I know many brides want only white - so this is perfect! Your wirewrapping is so nice.

  2. What a beautiful tiara and it's sure to make a bride the princess she deserves to be!

  3. I agree, this one is perfect for someone who's having a traditional white wedding!



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