Sunday, February 1, 2009

Soulful Sunday - Oh the Tiaras You'll Wear!

~Fabled Forest Tiara front~
~Fabled Forest Tiara Flower Closeup~
~Fabled Forest Tiara Front, High View~

I had a request from a bridal store near Toronto to make a few examples of tiaras that they might be able to sell, and after they emailed me some idea pictures, I got to work today. I love making tiaras, I just forget how much I love it as I never make them! This was the result of a little over 2 hours of hard work - my "Fabled Forest Tiara". It is very feminine and delicate-looking, perfect for a wedding, prom, or even a communion - you could cut the ends of the tiara base with thick cutters and gently sand the ends to fit a child. It can be worn as a tiara or a headband, which is why I left the ends bare. The attachments are adjustable depending on how you wear it, just gently move and slightly bend the attachments to the desired positions to stand them up or lay them flatter. I would recommend that you be gentle though, as if they are moved to much they may become brittle, like all metal wire.
I used a gold plate tiara base, 8mm and 4 mm Swarovski crystal Pearls in natural white, 6 mm Czech fire polish glass beads in 'crystal' and Czech glass leaf beads. I also used Czech glass bell flower beads, which are out of production and very limited. I hand wired all components with over 15 feet of 14karat gold filled wire. The I have enough beads to make 3 more of these tiaras, though I need to get more large Swarovski pearls, which is fine as can get those fairly quickly from my suppliers. The small flowers have smaller Czech glass natural pink (not dyed) seed beads in them. I can also make this in other colors of beads and pearls, or in silver or copper if you would like. Silver and copper would be slightly less expensive.
I put it on and immediately thought that I have to come up with the money for my wedding this fall no matter what - and then make a version of this for myself to wear!
I hope the store likes it, but if not, I'll sell it on my Etsy store....or maybe just secret it away for those days when I need a little pick-me-up ;-)
Hope you like it...and here's a much do you think it is worth?


  1. How pretty! I'd feel like a wood nymph or something wearing this, it's just lovely Meghann!
    Are the real pink seed beads special? I'm wondering because they look the same colour as some pink glass I buy and I know that in order to get pink glass that gold is used.

    Good luck with the bridal store!!

  2. I have no idea on the price, but these are very beautiful! I like the standing pearls.

  3. Thank you for your comments!
    The natural pink seed beads do have some gold in them, but there is no dye added, which I think is really neat - they are naturally pink! It is hard to find them, and they are really expensive (as seed beads go), so I love being able to use them. It makes me feel special to use them on something someone will love..maybe even pass down to the next generation :)



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